What is a Manual Treadmill…And Should You Buy One?

What is a manual treadmill?

By Matthew Green | Updated on

There are two categories of treadmill: manual and motorised. Running machines in gyms are nearly always motorised. They have built-in workout programs, adjustable incline settings and complex digital control panels. Motorised treadmills also tend to be sturdy and designed for serious running. Many people are attracted by the low prices of manual treadmills though – … Read more

Is Outdoor Running Better than a Treadmill?

The advantages of treadmill running

By Matthew Green | Updated on

Runners often argue whether outdoor running is harder or “better” than treadmill running. But which type is really more effective for increasing fitness and burning calories? Keep reading to find out. Running is one of the most popular types of exercise for losing weight or getting in shape – and for good reason. It’s an … Read more