Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews of 2022 – Which Foldable Bikes Provide a Great Workout?

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If you live in a small house or apartment, a folding exercise bike can provide a convenient workout without taking up too much space. But which are the best foldable exercise bikes? And are there any you should avoid? Keep reading to find out!


Ultrasport Foldable Exercise Bike

Ultrasport F-Bike

Our top recommendation for a fold up exercise bike is the excellent Ultrasport F-Bike. It's a relatively simple model, yet provides a solid workout for an affordable price. It's also easy to fold down and has eight resistance levels.

Folding exercise bikes are a great way to work out from the comfort of your own home without sacrificing your living room to a bulky piece of gym equipment. Once folded, they can be small enough to fit in a cupboard or just hidden from view, making them much more convenient than larger cycles.

In this article, we'll discuss the main advantages of a fold away exercise bike, before listing our top 5 picks. Each of the folding exercise bike reviews in this article is a model that we think provides excellent value and can offer a great workout (albeit one that's only suitable for beginners - folding bikes aren't designed for intense training).

Why Buy a Fold-Away Exercise Bike?

Woman Carrying Folding Bike

The problem with exercise equipment is that it can be large and bulky. This is particularly true for recumbent bikes, which have a long footprint, but is also the case for many uprights and spin cycles. The best folding exercise bikes, on the other hand, have a much smaller footprint so are great for small homes. Aside from buying a mini exercise bike, they are one of the smallest options for a home gym.

A consequence of this smaller footprint is that fold-away bikes are often highly affordable. Many are available for less than £100, which is much cheaper than other types of gym equipment. Considering the monthly cost of a gym membership, a fold up bike can provide great value for money.

Another bonus of the space-saving design is that most fold up exercise cycles are also lightweight. This makes them more portable, especially if you need a bike that can be easily moved around the home.

Despite the lightweight design and affordable prices, folding exercise cycles can still provide a decent workout. They can't match the resistance and features or uprights or spin bikes, but for light workouts while watching the TV they are a great choice. 

There are some drawbacks to a foldable exercise bike though. Due to the nature of a fold-away design, they aren't as sturdy or durable as the best upright exercise bikes. This means we don't recommend them for intense workouts of athletic training. They are also usually relatively basic machines, so don't come with the advanced features and consoles found on more expensive models.

Even so, if you're looking for a compact exercise bike that can provide a decent workout, a fold up bike could be the perfect option.

Which are the Best Folding Exercise Bikes?

NameResistance SystemFolded DimensionsView Price
Ultrasport F-BikeMagnetic131 x 43.5 x 45 cm (approx.)View Price
Slim CycleMagnetic132 x 55 x 56 cm (approx.)View Price
Pro Fitness FEB2000 Folding BikeMagnetic140 x 42 x 41cm (approx.)View Price
Klarfit AzuraMagnetic40 x 45cm footprint (approx.)View Price
Opti Folding Exercise BikeMagnetic120 x 37 x 42 cm (approx.)View Price

1. Ultrasport F-Bike Foldable Exercise Bike

Ultrasport Foldable Exercise Bike

Our top pick for a folding exercise bike is the excellent Ultrasport F-Bike. With an RRP of £160 it's not the cheapest model on the market (although it's often available for much less than this), but it provides a great workout and space saving design.

The F-Bike is a magnetic model with 8 resistance levels to provide variety in your workout. The magnetic resistance means it's a quiet piece of equipment that's great for burning calories while you watch TV.

Of course, the biggest advantage of the F-Bike is its foldable design. When folded it has dimensions of 131 x 43.5 x 45cm, so it can easily be moved out of eyesight. It also comes with a basic LCD display showing statistics such as speed, calories burned, time and distance, along with pulse sensors for heart rate.

There are a few drawbacks to the Ultrasport though. The first is that the standard model has a maximum user weight of 100kg - if you're heavier than this it isn't suitable. The seat is also uncomfortable, so we recommend buying a new one if you plan on using it for long training sessions.

Note: The F-Bike also has a stronger brother - the F-Bike Heavy. This can be used by people weighing up to 130kg, and comes with a few extra features such as towel and mobile phone holders.

Considering the excellent price and convenient folding design, the Ultrasport F-Bike is a sturdy model that provides a reasonably difficult workout. Like other folding models, it's not suitable for intense workouts, but for getting a sweat up while watching TV it provides great value. By extension, we also think it's the best folding exercise bike under £100, which is one of the price points people look at for this type of equipment.

2. Slim Cycle Folding Exercise Bike

Slim Cycle

If you're looking for the best magnetic folding exercise bike, but also like the idea of buying a versatile fitness machine, then the Slim Cycle is one of our top recommendations. With an affordable price, easy-to-fold design, and built-in resistance bands, it provides excellent value for money.

The Slim Cycle is built with a magnetic resistance (click here for our guide to resistance types) via the small 1.5kg flywheel. This provides a quieter and smoother workout than frictional models, and also means the bike doesn't require as much maintenance.

Aside from the magnetic resistance, the bike comes with a simple monitor showing distance, time, speed and calories burned. There are also hand grip pulse sensors on both handlebars.

A dial below the monitor allows you to set the resistance level, while the seat is adjustable to suit both small and taller riders. There are also transportation wheels to make it easier to move around the home and a maximum user weight of 135kg.

One of the bonuses to this model is that it has built-in resistance bands. These are great for getting a full-body workout while on your bike, compared to traditional bikes that only work the lower body. There are also pedal straps and extra handles adjacent to the saddle.

We think the Slim Cycle is one of the best folding exercise bikes on the market - but that doesn't mean there aren't some drawbacks. The LCD screen is basic and doesn't have built in programmes, although you wouldn't expect it to have this considering the low price. It's also not the sturdiest bike on the market, so don't expect to be sprinting at high speeds without wobbling, and the higher resistances won't challenge experienced riders.

Overall, the Slim Cycle folding exercise bike is a great option for people who want a versatile piece of gym equipment that's easy to store. It's not designed for high intensity workouts, but for smooth steady-state training it provides excellent value for money.

3. Pro Fitness FEB2000 Folding Exercise Bike

Pro Fitness FEB2000

Another excellent option is the Pro Fitness FEB2000 Folding Exercise Bike. It's designed to save space and provide durable performance, and comes with a heavier flywheel than most foldable models. It's also cheaper than the Slim Cycle - albeit without the extra resistance bands.

The first thing to note about the Pro Fitness is that it uses a manual adjustment dial to change the magnetic resistance system. Magnetic resistance is smoother and quieter than frictional, but is generally less challenging on cheaper bikes. It also comes with grip pulse sensors, basic LCD console, and an adjustable seat - although it has a maximum user weight of 100kg.

Aside from the magnetic resistance system, the bike is built with self-levelling pedals and a relatively heavy 3kg flywheel. For an upright, recumbent or spin cycle this would be considered very lightweight, but for a folding bike flywheel it's actually heavier than most. This means it can provide a more difficult workout. It also folds away to a size of 140 x 42 x 41cm and has transportation wheels, so it's easy to store.

There are some drawbacks though. While it provides great value for money, the display console is very basic compared to pricier models. It also can't provide the strength of resistance required for ongoing improvement, especially if you're looking for a challenging workout.

In summary, the Pro Fitness FEB2000 Exercise Bike is an excellent foldable model that's stable, durable and provides a decent workout. It's quiet when in use, due to the magnetic resistance system, and is easy to assemble. The seat is also more comfortable than we've come to expect from a folding bike. Just don't expect it to generate enough resistance for tough workouts.

4. Klarfit Azura Folding Training Bike

Klarfit Azura

The Klarfit Azura is a slightly more expensive folding exercise bike, but we think it provides value for money due to its durable design and backrest. It's also a stylish model with an attractive white and blue colour scheme, which makes it less of an eyesore if you're going to keep it in your lounge.

One of the most important features of the Klarfit is its backrest. This is designed to provide a more comfortable workout than a regular saddle. There are also bars either side of the saddle, so you can change position if required.

The Azura is  a relatively sturdy and durable bike considering the price. It feels like it has high build quality and is also straightforward to assemble. A basic LCD screen is included, which shows information such as calories burned and speed.

The biggest downside is that the maximum user weight is 100kg. This isn't uncommon for folding bikes, but is worth keeping in mind if you're close to or above the limit. It's also not best suited to very short people or anyone with restricted mobility, as the bar design can make it difficult to mount.

If you're looking for a folding exercise bike with back support, the Klarfit Azura is a great option. It's a bit more expensive than the other options on this list, but makes up for this with back support, a durable design and relatively comfortable seat.

5. Opti Folding Exercise Bike

Opti Foldable Exercise Bike

If you're looking for a cheap folding exercise bike, the Opti is one of the best options (along with the Ultrasport F-Bike). It has an RRP of more than £150, but is often available for much less than this - and still provides a tiring workout and compact design.

The Opti is a magnetic resistance model with several settings for tension. It's built with a 1.6kg flywheel, has pedal straps and is able to hold a maximum user weight of 100kg. It also has a quick-release seat, which is useful if more than one person in your household is planning on using the bike.

As you would expect from a cheap foldable bike, the Opti doesn't come with many advanced features - but there also aren't any major downsides either. A basic console is included, displaying statistics such as calories burned, distance, speed and pulse via the handlebar sensors. It's also easy to assemble and quick to fold down for storage, and has a smaller footprint once folded than most of the other models on this list.

The Opti is a great choice if you want an affordable model that's great for basic workouts. It's surprisingly comfortable for such an inexpensive model too, making it more enjoyable to use than other foldable bikes.


The best folding exercise bikes provide a reasonably tough workout from the comfort of your own home - and also don't take up too much space. While they aren't suitable for intensive training sessions, they are great for light exercise and are much less bulky than other types of indoor gym equipment. This makes them perfect for small homes or anyone who is on a tight budget.

Out of all the folding exercise bike reviews on this page, our favourite model is the Ultrasport F-Bike. It provides excellent value for money, is easy to fold down and feels like a sturdy piece of exercise equipment. The Ultrasport is also quiet, so it's great for exercising while watching TV. The only downside is that it's not suitable for very tall people, as the cycling position can become uncomfortable.

Do you have any questions about choosing the best foldable exercise bike? Or have you used one of the bikes on this list and want to provide feedback? Let us know in the comments section!