Reebok ZR10 Treadmill Review – Analysis of Performance, Durability, and Price

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The Reebok ZR10 is a mid-range folding treadmill that’s designed to provide a tough home workout without breaking the bank. With features such as MP3 connectivity, 18kph maximum speed and 15 incline levels, it’s certainly a step up from budget models – but is it worth the money? Read our Reebok ZR10 treadmill review to find out.

Reebok ZR10 Treadmill

The Bottom Line:

Pros: 18km/h and 15 incline settings provide scope for fitness improvement, easy to assemble, solid build quality, comfortable running belt, soft drop folding system

Cons: No Bluetooth or fitness app integrations, tinny speakers, no tablet holder

Who Should Buy It: If you don’t mind missing out on the advanced features found on newer treadmills, the ZR10 is a solid model that’s great for home workouts. It also provides excellent value for money.

NOTE: The ZR10 is no longer in production. The Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill is a great alternative, with a 20km/h maximum speed, 15% elevation, 27 programmes, and MP3 connectivity. Click here to view its price.



The Reebok ZR10 has been a mainstay of the Reebok running machine range for a number of years, so it lacks the advanced features found on more recent treadmills.

That doesn’t mean it should be ignored though, as the ZR10 provides excellent performance and build quality for the price. With an 18km/h top speed and multiple incline settings, it’s also able to provide a moderately difficult workout with plenty of scope for improvement.

Let’s take a closer look at the Reebok ZR10, including its features, performance, and build quality.

Overview of the Reebok ZR10’s Features and Specification

  • 18kph maximum speed driven by a 2hp continuous motor
  • Speakers and MP3 connectivity
  • 15 programmable incline levels
  • Foldable design for easier storage
  • 24 pre-set programmes
  • Built-in console showing time, speed, distance, calories, pulse (via hand grip sensors) and incline
  • Backlight for LCD screen
  • Cooling fan
  • Auto stop safety system
  • Size (In Use): 83cm (W) x 142cm (H) x 175cm (D)
  • Size (Folded): 83cm (W) x 149cm (H) x 109cm (D)
  • Running Surface: 45cm (W) x 132cm (L)
  • Maximum User Weight: 120kg

Initial Setup

Like most home treadmills, the Reebok ZR10 requires self-assembly. The good news is that most of the hard work is done for you.

In fact, the Reebok ZR10 is one of the easier treadmills to assemble, and should only take 20-30 minutes. The majority of the treadmill is pre-built, aside from small jobs such as attaching the console and uprights.

You’ll need at least two people to lift it out of the box though. With a weight of 85kg, it’s a heavy machine!

Display and Programs

The Reebok ZR10 has a 7″ backlit LCD display. This is nice and bright, making it easy to see your run statistics and current programs settings. It also packs in a range of features and buttons, including electronic incline settings, instant speed, instant incline, and various others.

There are 24 built-in programs, along with a manual mode and the option of creating user defined programs. While it’s always a bonus to have built-in programs, we expect that most users will end up using the manual option, so they can customise their workouts.

The ZR10 also has three heart rate control programs and the option of time, distance or calorie countdowns. If you’re using these programs, keep in mind that most treadmills greatly overestimate the amount of calories burned!

It’s important to realise that the ZR10 isn’t as advanced as treadmills that have been released more recently. There’s no ability to track your progress, for example, or connect to fitness apps like Strava. This is a solid treadmill that’s designed to be comfortable when running – but it’s not as feature-packed as newer models.

Running Deck, Speed and Motor

One of the biggest differences between budget treadmills and mid-range options is the speed and incline settings.

While the Reebok ZR10 doesn’t have the high maximum speed of top-end models, such as the NordicTrack T10.0’s 22kph max, the 18kph top speed is great for fast jogging.

As you can quickly adjust the speed, it’s also suitable for interval workouts – although intermediate or advanced users won’t reach peak heart rate with the 2HP motor. This could be an issue for tabata or HIIT workouts, and for sprinting you’ll need a more expensive treadmill.

Unlike cheap treadmills, the Reebok ZR10 has electronic incline adjustment. There are 15 settings, giving you plenty of scope to make workouts more difficult or mix up your training.

A comfortable deck is essential if you’re going to be using a treadmill regularly. For this reason, Reebok has included the ZigTech Cushioning System with the ZR10. This is shock-absorbing technology to reduce stress and force through the joints, leading to a more comfortable run.

An interesting feature of the ZigTech system is that the front of the belt has softer cushioning than the rear. The idea is that the front section absorbs the heel strike, while the firmer back section lets you push off with more efficiency.

Whatever the science behind it, the ZR10 certainly feels comfortable to run on!

With dimensions of 132x45cm, the running surface is a bit smaller than we would like, although it’s fine for most people and allows the machine to be relatively compact. For tall runners or more intense workouts, a model such as the NordicTrack T10.0, which has a 152 x 51cm surface, is a better choice.

NOTE: The ZR10 is no longer in production. The Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill is a great alternative, with a 20km/h maximum speed, 15% elevation, 27 programmes, and MP3 connectivity. Click here to view its price.

Design and Folding Mechanism

As you would expect from a Reebok treadmill, the build quality of the ZR10 feels solid and sturdy. While it might lack the advanced features of newer models, it looks stylish and won’t look out of place in any home gym.

It’s a folding treadmill to save space when not in use. In reality, the saving isn’t huge – around 65cm in depth – but it’s better than nothing. The belt also locks when in folded mode and there are transport wheels for moving the treadmill.

One of the great things about the folding system is that it’s controlled by a hydraulic arm. This slows down the deck when you unfold it, which is much safer.

It’s worth noting that the treadmill’s arms aren’t the longest we’ve seen. If you’re doing an interval workout that requires you to get off the treadmill after each interval, this might be an issue.

Other Features

The MP3 connection point is a useful feature, as it allows you to listen to music via the built-in speakers. These are surprisingly loud for a mid-range treadmill, so you shouldn’t have trouble hearing music over the motor. Don’t expect high quality sound, however, as the speakers lack bass output.

There’s no option to connect via Bluetooth, which is one area the ZR10 lags behind more advanced competitors. This is a consequence of the treadmill being released before Bluetooth and tablets were such common technologies. There’s also no option to connect a wireless heart rate monitor.

Other features include a built-in fan, volume control buttons, a water bottle holder and storage tray. There’s no tablet holder though, which is disappointing for people who want to watch TV while running or follow a workout class.

As you would expect from a modern treadmill, the ZR10 has an automatic shut-down safety system.

Price and Warranty

Treadmill prices change all the time, but you can often find the Reebok ZR10 for sale at around £600-£700 – and sometimes even less. At this price, the ZR10 provides excellent value and has a decent specification compared to similarly priced models.

Yes, you don’t get the advanced features, such as Bluetooth connectivity and workout app integrations. But for jogging, interval training, and incline-based workouts, it’s a great choice.

The Reebok warranty is also relatively generous, although make sure you read it carefully before buying as it’s subject to change. At the time of writing, Reebok is offering a 2-year parts and labour warranty on all their cardiovascular exercise equipment. For treadmills specifically, they also offer a 10-year motor warranty and a lifetime warranty for treadmill frames.


How Much Maintenance Does the ZR10 Require?

The ZR10 is relatively low maintenance, but it’s important to follow the instructions in the manual.

The belt is pre-lubricated, for example, but it needs regular lubrication to maintain its efficiency and reduce noise. Reebok recommends lubricating the belt at least once every 8 weeks, depending on usage.

Reebok ZR10 Vs ZR9 – What’s the Difference?

The ZR10 is a bit more expensive than the ZR9, but has a number of extra features to justify the extra cost. These include a faster maximum speed (18km/h compared to 16km/h), a wider range of incline options, and more built-in programmes.

Considering there isn’t a huge difference in price, we think the Reebok ZR10 provides better value for money, although both models are decent low/mid-range treadmills.


The Reebok ZR10 treadmill is a decent model with a solid build quality, easy-to-use design, and a comfortable running surface. If you’re not interested in extras such as wireless heart rate monitors, fitness app integrations and Bluetooth speakers, then it’s an excellent mid-range treadmill.

There aren’t many advanced features that make it stand out from other treadmills though. It’s a solid choice – but the ZR10 certainly isn’t the most exciting treadmill on the market.

We hope this Reebok ZR10 Treadmill review has helped you decide whether it’s the right model for your needs. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section

NOTE: The ZR10 is no longer in production. The Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill is a great alternative, with a 20km/h maximum speed, 15% elevation, 27 programmes, and MP3 connectivity. Click here to view its price.

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